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SturdiBag™ Large Divided

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SturdiBag™ Large Divided can be used as one or divided in two rooms, so dogs or cats can have their own room in one pet carrier. This is the perfect pet carrier! It can be used in the car, bus, trains and on the walk. 

Sturdi Products SturdiBag™ Large Divided:

  • Can be divided in two rooms, so two pets can travel together in one pet carrier. Can also be used as one room. 
  • Accepted in the cabin by most airplane companies. 
  • Made in a ultralight design. 
  • Adjustable strap and with leather handle. 
  • Security Zipper Clips  are included.


This light pet carrier is designed to be ultralight and flexible, but in the same time to be durable and made of a very strong material. It had a solid 

The solid floor and included comfort pad ensure your pets comfort. The pet carrier is machine washable. Please remember to remove the button and the wires before washing it.

Can hold pets up to 22,5 kg. 

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Dimensions: 31 cm H x 31 cm W x 46 cm D. 
Weight: 1,41 kg